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High Speed Internet

Highspeed internet packages that fit your budget and lifestyle.

  • No data caps or overage charges
  • No 1, 2 or 3 year contracts
  • True speeds into the evenings and weekends
  • Managed WiFi for your home or business
  • 90 Day risk-free Guarantee
  • Free 24/7 service and support

Residential High Speed Internet


  • 15/3 MBPS – $69/MO

  • 30/6 MBPS – $99/MO

  • 50/10 MBPS – $129/MO

$199 Includes The Installation Of:

  • New high-speed internet dish and installation

  • Dish tripod/mount up to 10 feet in height if required

  • Network cable from dish to router 

  • Speed testing/walk-through with a friendly technician

  • We can provide a quote for sites requiring higher than a 10 foot dish structure

Business High Speed Internet

  • 10/10 MBPS – $99/MO

  • 25/25 MBPS – $199/MO

  • 50/50 MBPS – $299/MO

  • 100/100 MBPS – $399/MO

  • 250/250 MBPS – $499/MO

  • Custom packages available up to 1GPS


  • Symmetrical Bandwidth
  • Free Static IP
  • Uptime Monitoring with 24/7 Incident Response

Wifi Networks

Managed high-capacity wireless access points to cover your home or business and extend outside to your entire property.

  • Never worry about your WiFi signal again - Full Throttle Networks offers a complete Unifi system that scales to 100,000 sq ft +.
  • Multiple access points installed throughout your home and business will make sure all your devices have the best possible connection.
  • Our access points sync together when connected to your device, so as you move around, your device will switch between access points ensuring you always have the best possible connection.
  • Outdoor access points will cover large areas - perfect for big events!
  • Professional landing pages with your logo for your guest network. Limit the number of users, the time they are connected and even the internet speed.

Network Cabling

Our low-voltage electricians can update the existing wiring in your space or design a brand new layout.

  • Home and business pre-wires. Get all the cables run before the walls are closed up to save time and money.
  • Moving into a new space? Give us a call!  We will come out and walk through the space with you to find out what you need.  From network/cable outlets to wireless access points, even half or full-sized data racks.
  • Data, Coax, Fiber, alarm, control, speaker and camera wiring.
  • Let us do the work for you. Full design, installation, permitting and support after the work has been completed.

Point to Point Networks

These links can connect outlying buildings on your property like a network cable would without all the hassle.  They can even connect your businesses miles apart from each other at Gigabit speeds! The days of paying for 2 services at the same location are over!

MDU (Multi-Dwelling Units)

Full Throttle Networks is proud to offer several solutions for apartment buildings and condominiums, ask us about getting your building connected with us!

Temporary Sites

Geared towards construction sites/trailers, work camps, events and festivals.  Site-wide WiFi solutions are available.

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